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Table 2 Descriptions of complications in the study group of the included studies

From: The efficacy of intraoperative periarticular injection in Total hip arthroplasty: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author, year Enrolled Sample number (G1/G2) Descriptions of complications in study group Conclusion
Hirasawa, 2018 [14] 45/45 No complication including surgical site infection, wound complications, prolonged numbness or weakness, or allergy to the medication No difference
Ban WR,2017 [5] 43/43 No mention N/A
Villatte, 2016 [6] 75/75 Wound septic complication (2 hips, treatment group) No difference
Hofstad, 2015 [10] 55/54 No mention N/A
den Hartog, 2015 [11] 25/25 Dizziness, hypotension and retention of urine No difference
Zoric, 2014 [12] 29/29 Nausea and vomiting No difference
Dobie, 2012 [15] 46/46 Hypotension, chest pain, dural leak No difference
Murphy, 2012 [7] 45/46 Urinary retention No difference
Andersen, 2011 [16] 12/12 No clinical side effect, including cardiac and hemodynamic changes No difference
Lunn, 2011 [13] 60/60 Quadriceps muscle palsy No difference
Liu, 2011 [8] 40/40 Hemodynamic change, nausea and vomiting, urinary retention, respiratory depression, rash, and deep vein thrombosis No difference
Busch, 2010 [9] 32/31 Wound blister, prominent suture trimming and deep vein thrombosis (4 hips, 3 in the treatment group and 1 in the control group) No difference
  1. G1: study group(PAI); G2: control group (no PAI)
  2. N/A non applicable