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Table 1 Exclusion criteria

From: STepped exercise program for patients with knee OsteoArthritis (STEP-KOA): protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Currently completing PT visits for knee OA
Gout (in knee)
Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other systemic rheumatic disease
Dementia, psychosis or active substance abuse disorder
Meniscus or knee ligament tear in the past 6 months
Total joint replacement or other major lower extremity surgery in the past 6 months or planned in the next 9 months
Severe hearing or visual impairment
Serious / terminal illness
Hospitalization for a cardiovascular condition in the past 3 months
Unstable angina
History of ventricular tachycardia
Unstable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (two hospitalizations within the previous 12 months and/or on oxygen)
Uncontrolled hypertension (diastolic blood pressure > 110 mm/Hg or systolic > 200 mm/Hg, measured at the baseline visit)
Stroke with moderate to severe aphasia
Recent history of three or more falls
Resident of a long-term care facility
Other health problem that would prohibit participation in the study and/or warrant immediate PT
Current participation in another OA intervention study