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Table 1 Focus group meeting guide

From: A hidden mismatch between experiences of young athletes with overuse injuries of the wrist and sports physicians’ perceptions: a focus group study

Main study questions
1. What are the most important signals of overuse wrist injury for young athletes in wrist-loading focus sports?
2. What are the most important limitations for young athletes in wrist-loading focus sports due to overuse wrist injury?
During meeting (approximate duration 2 h)
Participants discuss their preferred answers to questions 1–4, with ca. 30 min of discussion per question.
1. Can you tell us about your overuse wrist injury?
2. What were reasons for you to consider this a serious injury?
3. Which of the signals and limitations that were mentioned today, do you consider important?
4. Take a look at the list of signals and limitations related to overuse wrist injury [list composed by focus group of sports physicians]. Which of these signals and limitations would you consider a sign of serious overuse wrist injury?
The items are numbered on a white board, and participants are asked to post the numbers of the signals they considered important on separate sticky notes onto the board. The resulting collection of items of perceived importance are further discussed.
Prompts that can be used upon the answers of participants to questions 3 2–54:
a. Does this apply to everybody?
b. Does anybody want to add something?