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Table 4 Summary of studies on imaging for measurement of disease extent

From: Imaging for Dupuytren disease: a systematic review of the literature

Study (year) Study design Level of evidence Imaging modality N (hands) Clinical details Outcome measures Results Additional value MRI Additional value US
English (2012) [25] Case-report 5 MRI 1 59-year-old woman with Ledderhose disease, knucklepads and DD. Signal intensity, disease margins and depth Detailed display of MRI signal intensity and demonstration of severity and depth of the different fibromatoses. Yesa
Yacoe (1993) [26] Prospective case-series 4 MRI 10 (11) DD patients undergoing fasciectomy Disease extent on MRI compared by surgery/histology Accurate detection of 22/23 cords and 13/14 nodules prospectively. Yes
  1. MRI magnetic resonance imaging, DD Dupuytren disease
  2. a according to authors