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Table 3 Emergent themes from the focus groups with health professionals

From: Health professional views on the assessment and management of foot problems in people with psoriatic arthritis in Australia and New Zealand: a qualitative investigation

Emergent themes Sub-themes
1. Missed opportunities and diagnostic delay • Lack of recognition of foot problems by health professionals
• Lack of patient knowledge relating to foot problems
• Socioeconomic disparities in care
2. Challenges related to the management of foot problems in PsA • Varied and fluctuating clinical presentations of PsA
• Complexity of foot examination
• Lack of appropriate training and knowledge across professions for the management of foot health problems associated with rheumatic disease
3. Lack of specialist podiatry service provision • Lack of specialised podiatrists working within multidisciplinary rheumatology teams
• Lack of allied health professionals with a specialist interest and expertise in inflammatory arthritis
• Perceived patient dissatisfaction with limited scope of podiatry practice and high cost of ineffective treatments such as foot orthoses