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Table 1 Isometric knee flexion strength

From: The gracilis tendon autograft is a safe choice for orthopedic reconstructive procedures: a consecutive case series studying the effects of tendon harvesting

Angle   Operated leg (N) Non-operated leg (N) Actual difference (N) Relative difference
60° Mean Force (SD) 199.7 (78.2) 212.4 (76.1) −12.7 (21.6) 0.93 (0.1)
P-value    0.0051 0.0025
90° Mean Force (SD) 123.1 (54.6) 145.9 (54.7) −22.7 (27.0) 0.83 (0.19)
P-value    0.0002 0.0002
  1. Mean force is presented in Newtons. Actual difference is calculated by subtracting the force of the non-operated leg from that of the operated leg. Relative difference is calculated by dividing the force of the operated leg by that of the non-operated leg. SD standard deviation. p-values from the paired Wilcoxon signed-rank test