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Table 2 Comparison of parameters of different femoral interlocking nail in revision osteosynthesis surgery

From: Augmentative antirotational plating provided a significantly higher union rate than exchanging reamed nailing in treatment for femoral shaft aseptic atrophic nonunion - retrospective cohort study

`UnionNonunionTotalUnion rateTime to union (months)
Russell-Taylor femoral interlocking nail
Smith & Nephew, Memphis, TN (2004–2010)
M/DN nail
Zimmer-Biomet, Warsaw, IN (2010–2014)
King Bo femur interlocking nail
Syntec Scientific Co, Changhwa, Taiwan (2014-)
P value   0.66*0.89†
  1. * The P value was conducted by chi-square analysis; † The P value was conducted by ANOVA analysis