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Table 1 Characteristics of 96 patients with femoral shaft atrophic nonunion

From: Augmentative antirotational plating provided a significantly higher union rate than exchanging reamed nailing in treatment for femoral shaft aseptic atrophic nonunion - retrospective cohort study

CharacteristicERNAAPP value
No. of patients7026 
Age, mean ± SD, y35.79 ± 14.5131.77 ± 11.970.21
Sex, n
No. of smokers1570.57
Location of nonunion, n
Follow-up duration, mean (range), mo13.70 (3–50)11.89 (4–32)0.28
Location of broken nail, n
 Proximal screw710.33
 Distal screws1640.42
  1. AAP augmentative antirotational plating, ERN exchanging reamed nailing