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Table 1 Patient visits timeline

From: Large intra-articular true lipoma of the knee

Dates Relevant Past Medical History and Interventions
No allergies. No diseases. No previous surgeries.
Date Summaries from Initial and Follow-up Visits Diagnostic Testing (including dates) Interventions
10/03/2017 1st Outpatient visit MRI Weight bearing Xrays
10/14/2017 2° visit   Inclusion to surgery
10/17/2017 Operation Room   Surgery
11/01/2017 Staples removal   Prescription of physiotherapy
11/28/2017 3rd Visit Clinical Exam: Full range of motion. No pain. No effusion. Revision
03/28/2018 4th visit Asymptomatic Return to play
04/17/2018 5th visit Case report Informed Consent