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Table 1 Description of strengthening exercises used during 8-week intervention program

From: The effect of manual therapy and stabilizing exercises on forward head and rounded shoulder postures: a six-week intervention with a one-month follow-up study

Exercise Description
Y to W Arms flexed and abducted to 120°, thumbs pointed up, arms 4–5 in. raisied while keeping the retraction of scapula. Then elbows flexed and shoulders moved into a position of extension
L to Y Arms abducted to 90° and elbows flexed to 90° with retracted scapula and arms externally rotated. Arms raised above the head and fully extended the elbows so that formed the letter Y.
Scapular protraction Prone hip bridge, shoulder retracted with forearms and toes supporting the body on the floor or table. Then 1–2 cm pushed up while protracting the scapula, and preventing the scapula winging.