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Table 2 Analysis of primary outcome and secondary outcomes

From: An individualized patient-reported outcome measure (PROM) based patient decision aid and surgeon report for patients considering total knee arthroplasty: protocol for a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Outcome Categorical (Cat) Continuous (Con) Decision aid arm (DA) No decision aid arm (RP) Notes
Decision quality Cat DQ2,DA DQ2,RP  
Quality of Life (Generic) Con E2,DA – E0,DA E2,RP – E0,RP  
Quality of Life (Condition-specific) Con W2,DA – W0,DA W2,RP – W0,RP  
Depression Con P2,DA – P0,DA P2,RP – P0,RP  
Knowledge Cat K0,DA K0,RP Modified version of the 5-item HK-DQI
Decisional conflict Cat DC0i,DA DC0i,RP Evaluated for each question individually (i = 1–4)
Treatment preference Cat Pref0,DA Pref0,RP  
Preference for involvement in decision-making Cat CPS0,DA CPS0,RP  
Willingness to have surgery Cat Will1,DA Will1,RP  
Patient-reported shared decision-making Cat
C1,DA C1,RP Top-score: complete SDM vs. not complete
Mean-score: complete SDM (12) to no SDM (0)
Decisional regret Con R2,DA R2,RP  
Satisfaction Con S2,DA S2,RP Only for those who had surgery
Expectations Cat EXP2,DA EXP2,RP Only for those who had surgery
Surgical consult Cat Consult1,DA Consult1,RP  
Surgery Cat Surg2,DA Surg2,RP  
Concordance Cat Con2,DA Con2,RP  
Feasibility: Recruitment Con Recruit0,DA + RP Evaluated for the trial and reported as a percentage
Feasibility: Questionnaire Completion Con Complete0,1,2,DA + RP Evaluated for the trial and reported as a percentage
  1. HK-DQI: Hip and Knee Decision Quality Instrument; SDM: Shared Decision Making