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Fig. 6

From: Time course analyses of structural changes in the infrapatellar fat pad and synovial membrane during inflammation-induced persistent pain development in rat knee joint

Fig. 6

Schematic diagram of time course histological changes in IFP after MIA injection. (a) Day 1: Inflammatory response initiates around the perivascular region. Cellularity of the perivascular region is increased. Circles in red; inflammatory cells. Circles in purple; parenchymal cells. (b) Day 3: Inflammatory cell infiltration into parenchymal region of IFP. Deposition of extra-cellular matrices (indicated in blue lines) is observed in the perivascular region. (c) Day 5: Hyperplastic changes are observed in the IFP surface (synovial membrane). (d) Day 7: Extensive fibrosis (indicated in blue) is observed in the IFP

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