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Fig. 6

From: In vitro chondrogenic potency of surplus chondrocytes from autologous transplantation procedures does not predict short-term clinical outcomes

Fig. 6

Comparative global protein expression analysis by LC-MS/MS between chondrocyte cultures associated with different chondrogenesis and clinical outcomes. a Volcano plot represents the expression of proteins in low chondrogenic samples (Group B) compared to high chondrogenic samples (Group A). Proteins underwent greater fold change, and lower p-value in the comparison are plotted further away from zero on X-axis and Y-axis, respectively. The red dots show significantly down-regulated proteins (FDR < 0.05) in chondrogenic group B. b Heat map showing the differentially expressed proteins when comparing chondrogenic groups. c Validation of P4HA1 protein expression by western blot. ImageJ software was used for relative quantification of P4HA1 (61 kDa) protein band to the loading control β-Actin (45 kDa). d Volcano plot represents the expression of proteins in clinical failure group compared to clinical success group. Significance level, p (*) < 0.05

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