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Table 1 Study schedule

From: Protocol for a single-centre, parallel-arm, double-blind randomised trial evaluating the effects of tourniquet use in total knee arthroplasty on intra-operative and post-operative outcomes

  Pre-randomisation Surgery Day 0 Post-surgery
Day 2 Day 5 During inpatient stay 3 months 12 months
 Eligibility screen X       
 Informed consent X       
 Randomisation   X      
 Tourniquet TKR   X      
 No tourniquet TKR   X      
 Demographic variables X       
 Quadriceps strength X   X X   X X
 Blood loss and replacement   X    X   
 Surgeon satisfaction   X      
 Operation and anaesthetic time   X      
 Tourniquet inflation time   X      
 Pain    X X    
 Morphine equivalent daily dose      X   
 Complications      X   
 Knee Society Score X      X  
 Oxford Knee Score X      X X
 WOMAC X      X X
 EQ-5D-5 L X      X X
 Revision surgery        X
 Cement mantle        X