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Table 2 Overview of the results for testing the DR technique for re-fixation of the common extensor origin

From: Reattachment of the flexor and extensor tendons at the epicondyle in elbow instability: a biomechanical comparison of techniques

Double Row Technique Extensor Cycles to Failure Stiffness of the repair (N/mm) Maximum load (N) Pull-to-failure Failure Mode
Specimen 1 PTF 73.3 511.2 Yes anchor breakage
Specimen 2 PTF 62.2 348.2 Yes suture cut out through tendon
Specimen 3 PTF 66.6 415.9 Yes anchor breakage
Specimen 4 PTF 75.1 371.1 Yes anchor cut out
Specimen 5 PTF 63.9 204.5 Yes suture cut out through tendon
Specimen 6 PTF 80.0 453.8 Yes suture cut out through tendon
Average ± SD   70.2 ± 7.0 384.1 ± 105.6   
  1. Stiffness, maximum load pull-to-failure, and failure mode are presented for each specimen individually. PTF, pull-to-failure; Y = yes, N = Newton, mm = millimeter