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Fig. 2

From: The TeMPO trial (treatment of meniscal tears in osteoarthritis): rationale and design features for a four arm randomized controlled clinical trial

Fig. 2

Exercise dose diagram for weeks 5–8, 10, 12 of trial intervention. All subjects complete 100 min of a strengthening based home program (Arms 1–3) or a combination of the home program and therapist-directed manual therapy and exercise per week (Arm 4) per week. Subjects in Arms 2, 3, and 4 receive adherence optimization consisting of motivational adherence support text messages three times a week and a health information pamphlet once every other week. Subjects in Arm 3 receive a placebo physical therapy intervention consisting of placebo ultrasound (US), placebo lotion application, placebo manual therapy (MT), and placebo assessment twice a week. Subjects in Arm 4 receive a true physical therapy intervention consisting of manual therapy (MT) and supervised strengthening exercise once a week and complete the protocolized home exercise program three times a week. Subjects are not instructed to exercise in any particular order or sequence, only at the designated frequency

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