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Table 3 Summary of Open Procedures

From: Treatment of osteoarthritis of the elbow with open or arthroscopic debridement: a narrative review

First Author Year Patient Mean Age (year) Patient Symptoms Number of patients and elbow (n=) Type of treatment Follow Up (Months) Range/mean Evaluation Methods Pain scale Treatment Outcomes (Mean ROM)
Tsuge K et al [19] 1994 59 Pain and loss of range of motion 28 patients, 29 elbows Open joint debridement 64 System of Japanese Orthopedic association Good pain relief. No measure reported Improvement of 33.2°
Minami et al[27] 1996 48.6 Pain on terminal motion, loss of range of motion 44 patients, 44 elbows Outerbridge Kashiwagi procedure 127 (ROM) 27 out of 44 reported good pain relief. No measure reported Improvement by 17°
Y.Oka[28] 1998 32 Severe pain at terminal flexion and extension, loss of range of motion 26 patients, 26 elbows Open procedure (lateral and medial approach) and Outerbridge Kashiwagi procedure 46 ROM 0–2 grading scale (before 2 to after 0.24) Improvement of 24°
Cohen et al[14] 2000 55 Pain, Stiffness, Locking 16 Patients, 18 Elbows O-K Procedure 35.3 ROM and pain score 0–6 Likert scale from MEPI (after 2 points) Improvement of 15°
Forster et al[20] 2001 55 Pain, decrease in range of motion, locking 35 patients, 36 elbows Outerbridge Kashiwagi pr0cedure 39 ROM, pain score Morrey’s system (0–3 Likert scale). (1.8 before to 1.1 after) (PRE OP39°-108°) (POST OP27°-121°)
Antuna et al[21] 2002 48 Pain with terminal elbow extension 45patients, 46 elbows Open ulnohumeral arthroplasty 80 MEPS 76% had complete pain relief. No measure reported Improvement of 22°
Philips et al[29] 2003 51.4 Pain and loss of flexion/extension 19 patients, 20 elbows O-K procedure 75 (DASH) and (MEPS) All patients reported pain relief. No measure reported. Improvement of 20°
Sarris et al[30] 2004 52 patients was pain in terminal flexion and extension 17 patients, 17 elbows Outerbridge Kashiwagi procedure 36 Pain scale, ROM Morrey’s system (0–3 Likert scale). All patient 0 post operatively. PRE OP(26° to 98°) POST OP(14° to 118°)
Wada et al[32] 2005 50 Loss of range of motion,pain 32 patients 33 elbows Debridement arthroplasty 121 ROM Improved from 13 to 27 Improvement of 24°
Ugurlu et al[22] 2009 47 Pain and loss of range of motion 10 patients 10 elbows Ulnohumeral arthroplasty 25 to 46 Andrews and Carson score VAS (before 8; after 3.1) flexion-extension arc improved from 63.4° to 120°
Hattori et al[23] 2011 59 Pain at the end points of motion 31 patients 31 elbows Debridement arthroplasty combined with capsulectomy 19 ± 7 (MEPS) 23 painful, 8 mildly painful post operatively. No measure reported. mean arc of elbow motion Increased by 40° +/_ 13°.
Raval et al[12] 2015 54 Pain and stiffness at the extremes of movements 13 Patients 13 elbows Ulnohumeral arthroplasty 48 (Quick DASH), (VAS) VAS (before 8 after 2) Improvement of 27 degrees in the flexion extension arc
  1. Abbreviations: Range Of Motion(ROM), Mayo Elbow Performance Score(MEPS), Disabilities of Arm Shoulder and Hand(DASH), American Shoulder and Elbow Score(ASES), Visual Analogue Scale(VAS), Oxford Elbow Score(OES), Mayo Elbow Performance Index(MEPI), Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) elbow scoring system