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Table 2 Online content for PNE training

From: The effectiveness of training physical therapists in pain neuroscience education on patient reported outcomes for patients with chronic spinal pain: a study protocol for a cluster randomized controlled trial

Module 1 Epidemiology and Economic Impact of Chronic Pain
Historical Review and Update of the Understanding of Pain
Module 2 Assessing for Neurophysiologic and Neuromusculoskeletal Sources of Pain
Assessing for Faulty Beliefs and Behaviors: Use of questionnaires, questions to ask, etc.
Module 3 Review of Evidence for Conservative Strategies to Address Pain
Review of Evidence for PNE
Module 4 Practical Implementation of PNE - Part 1: PNE Concepts and Strategy for Assessment
Module 5 Practical Implementation of PNE - Part 2: How to differentiate different types of pain (Central sensitization, peripheral neuropathic, peripheral nocioceptive)
Module 6 Practical Implementation of PNE - Part 3: Application of PNE approach in conjunction with current approaches of exercise and manual therapy.
PNE Review and Practical Integration with Other Conservative Strategies