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Table 1 Sample characteristics

From: Infection after knee replacement: a qualitative study of impact of periprosthetic knee infection

Pseudonym Sex Age range Revision Procedure
Winston Male 71–80 Two-stage
Delia Female 61–70 Two-stage
Harry Male 71–80 One-stage
Shirley Female 71–80 Two-stage
Hilary Female 71–80 Two-stage
Margaret Female 71–80 Two-stage
Brian Male 71–80 Two-stage
Louisa Female 61–70 One-stage
Peter Male 61–70 Two-stage
Terry Male 71–80 One-stage
Derek Male 71–80 One-stage
Hazel Female 51–60 One-stage
Pam Female 71–80 One-stage
Doug Male 61–70 One-stage
Lloyd Male 61–70 One-stage
Jimmy Male 61–70 One-stage