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Table 1 Overview of periprosthetic tibial fractures regarding treatment, adverse events and revision surgery

From: Periprosthetic tibial fractures in total knee arthroplasty – an outcome analysis of a challenging and underreported surgical issue

Felix n Treatment Adverse Events Revision Surgery
IB 1 Revision Arthroplasty
IIB 2 ORIF Wound healing disorder, infection, loosening Arthrodesis
Amputation Wound healing disorder Soft tissue revision
IIIA 4 ORIF Wound healing disorder
ORIF Re-fracture, non-union, wound healing disorder, peri-implant fracture Several Re-ORIF, autologous bone grafting
IIIB 2 ORIF Implant failure, infection, wound healing disorder Several Re-ORIF, amputation with soft tissue revision