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Table 1 The symptoms and signs of cervical spondylosis

From: The prevalence and associated factors of symptomatic cervical Spondylosis in Chinese adults: a community-based cross-sectional study

symptoms signs
Cervical pain aggravated by movement Poorly localised tenderness
Referred pain (occiput, between the shoulder blades, upper limbs) Limited range of movement (forward flexion, backward extension, lateral flexion, and rotation to both sides)
Retro-orbital or temporal pain (from C1 to C2) Minor neurological changes like inverted supinator jerks (unless complicated by myelopathy or radiculopathy)
Cervical stiffness—reversible or irreversible
Vague numbness, tingling, or weakness in upper limbs
Dizziness or vertigo
Poor balance
Rarely, syncope, triggers migraine, pseudo-angina