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Table 1 Reported cases of IDC combined with OPLL in children

From: Calcification of the intervertebral disc and ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament in children

Author Reported year Age/sex Location Pre-existing trauma Clinical presentation WBC (/mm3)/CRP (mg/L)/ESR (mm/h) Radiographic changes/follow-up
Du et al. [3] 2012 8/F IDC at C6/7
OPLL at C6/7
Yes NP& ND 5860/16.5/55 IDC& OPLL disappeared/2 years
Fu et al. [2] 2011 11/M IDC at T6/7,T7/8
OPLL atT6/7, T7
No BP Normal IDC aggravated, OPLL alleviated/3 months
Wang et al. [4] 2016 11/F IDC at C5/6
OPLL at C5/6, C6
No NP Normal Mild IDC remained, OPLL disappeared/6 months
Mizukawa et al [5] 2017 6/F IDC at C4/5
OPLL at C4/5
No NP 8600/15/− IDC& OPLL disappeared/6 months
O’Dell et al [6] 2016 9/M IDC at C2/3
OPLL at C2/3
Yes NP & stiffness torticollis; IDC disappeared, mild OPLL remained/2 years
Current case 2012 6/M IDC at C2/3, C3/4
OPLL atC3/4
No NP 6170/11.8/69 Mild IDC remained, OPLL disappeared, /9 years
  1. – not mentioned
  2. IDC intervertebral disc calcification, OPLL ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament, WBC white blood cells, CRP C-reactive protein, ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate, NP neck pain, ND neurological deficit, BP back pain