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Table 3 The treatments in four cases of tertiary and congenital syphilis with syphilitic hip arthritis

From: The disappearance of femoral head and neck resulting from extensive bone defect caused by secondary syphilis: a case report and literature review

Authors Stage of syphilis Publication year Lesion sites Lesion depth Medical treatment Surgical treatment
Spyridonidis et al. [34] Tertiary syphilis 2002 Left hip joint Osteolysis and periosteal reaction Intravenous penicillin G (16 million units per day) for 5 days; intramuscular benzyl-penicillin (2.4 million units a week) for 3 weeks None
Brain et al. [58] Congenital syphilis 1926 Both hip joints Erosion at the inner end of the epiphyseal line of the femur Not given Not given
Coblentz et al. [59] Congenital syphilis 1970 Right hip joint Destructive metaphysitis Not given Not given
Greenall et al. [60] Congenital syphilis 2010 Both hip joints Metaphysitis and bony destructive changes Benzylpenicillin and Cefotaxime None