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Table 1 Trial eligibility criteria

From: Custom foot orthoses improve first-step pain in individuals with unilateral plantar fasciopathy: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
18–60 years of age
Pain on both self-report AND palpation of the medical calcaneal tubercle as ≥20 mm on a 100 mm VAS [34]
Duration of symptoms ≥ four weeks
Diagnosis of plantar fasciopathy on ultrasound as proximal attachment of plantar fascia to calcaneus measuring ≥4.0 mm. [37]
Current or previous use of foot orthoses (prefabricated or custom)
Had received treatment for current symptoms
Had purchased new footwear in the last four weeks
Bilateral symptoms
Neural symptoms and/or reproduction of pain with neural testing
Corticosteroid injection in the heel in the last six months
Medical history of Diabetes (Type I or II), inflammatory arthropathies, or neuromuscular conditions
Previous lower limb orthopaedic surgery