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Table 2 Overview of codes per category

From: Dosage of pain rehabilitation programs: a qualitative study from patient and professionals’ perspectives

  Factors mentioned by patients only Shared factors mentioned by patients and professionals Factors mentioned by rehabilitation professionals only
Patient related factors Assertiveness Case complexity
  Relapse General status  
   Motivation and ability to change behavior  
   Focus on yourself  
   Acceptance of pain  
   Apply lessons learned into practice  
Team & treatment related factors Having time and opportunity to explore Waiting time
  Saturation Clarity about dosage and time plan Lack of evidence
  Expertise of the team Individually tailoring Prediction of dosage of PRP
   Shared decision making Timing to finish PRP
   Contact with rehabilitation professionals  
   Interdisciplinary functioning  
   Content of treatment  
   Treatment goals  
   Format of treatment  
External factors Support from environment Direct costs Travelling time
   Indirect costs Format of treatment
   Investment for the future Injury compensation
   Personal and work factors Test results or other treatments