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Table 1 Inclusion- and exclusion criteria

From: A risk assessment model for chronic ankle instability: indications for early surgical treatment? An observational prospective cohort – study protocol

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
At least 16 years old Present fracture or other joint pathology/bone matrix pathology
Visited the ER within one week after a lateral ankle sprain A diagnosed OCD after primary inclusion
Agreed with being approached for this study Medial ankle instability
Reported anterolateral ankle pain after an ankle sprain or ankle distortion Previous ankle surgery
Filled out the baseline, 3-, or 6 month questionnaire; and the 12 month follow-up An unreliable radiograph due to the angle in which it is made or low quality
  Acute surgical repair or the ATFL/CFL or any other form of surgery within 12 months after the ER visit
  1. Abbreviations: ER Emergency Department, AP anteroposterior, OCD osteochondral defect, ATFL anterior talofibular ligament, CFL calcaneofibular ligament