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Table 2 Data collection time points

From: Graded motor imagery for women at risk for developing type I CRPS following closed treatment of distal radius fractures: a randomized comparative effectiveness trial protocol

  Baseline (Immediately prior to Starting Therapy) 3 weeks post casting Week of Cast Removal 4 weeks after cast removal 12 weeks after cast removal
Primary Outcomes McGill Pain Scale X X X X X
  Patient Rated Wrist Evaluation    X X X
  Assessment of CRPS I (Budapest criteria)    X X X
Secondary Outcomes Finger Edema (%Unaffected) X (Affected and Unaffected) X X X X
  Wrist/Forearm Goniometry (%Unaffected) X (Unaffected)   X X X
  Grip Strength (%Unaffected) X (Unaffected)    X X
Therapy Adherence Log   X X   
Patient’s Global Impression of Change    X   
Continued Hand Therapy Sessions     X X
Pain Medication Use X X X X X
  Blinding Questionare    X