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Table 1 POWIFF trial - Inclusion and exclusion criterion

From: POWIFF- Prospective study of wrist internal fixation of fracture: A protocol for a single centre, superiority, randomised controlled trial to study the efficacy of the VRP (2.0) distal radius plate (Austofix) versus the VA-LCP (Depuy-Synthes) for distal radius fractures

Inclusion Criterion Exclusion criterion
1. Age-18-80 1. Patients with concomitant injuries affecting treatment and rehabilitation of the affected arm
2. Pre-operative DASH score of 30 or less 2. Patients with associated neurovascular injuries requiring immediate surgery
3. Isolated closed distal radius fracture with shortening of radius of more than 3 mm, dorsal radial tilt of more than 10 degrees and an intra articular step of more than 2 mm. 3. Patients with associated significant carpal injuries, including scaphoid fractures
4. Patient unlikely or unhappy to attend for follow up
5. Patient with limited English proficiency
6. Patient without cognitive capacity to consent and participate
7. Patients with impaired upper limb function prior to injury enough to have a DASH score of more than 30 points