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Table 1 Test results

From: An unexpected cause of sacroiliitis in a patient with gout and chronic psoriasis with inflammatory arthritis: a case report

Test Result
WBCs 9000/L (4,400–11,300/L)
Hemoglobin 14.1 g/dl (11.6–14.5 g/dl)
Platelets 192,000/L (140,000–440,000/L)
Renal Function Normal
Urate 631 mmol/l
Calcium 2.4 mmol/L (2.1–2.65 mmol/L)
ESR 51 mm (0–10 mm/h)
CRP 23.3 mg/dl (0–5 mg/dl)
HLA-B27 Negative
24-h urine creatinine 1299 mg/day (1000–2000 mg/day)
24-h urine urate 340 mg/day (250–650 mg/day)
24-h urine oxalate 28 mg/day (16–49 mg/day)