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Table 1 Resistance and balance programme, description of exercises

From: Effect of a resistance and balance exercise programme for women with osteoporosis and vertebral fracture: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Exercise Therapeutic goal Level Description Progression or modify
Squats Leg strength 1 Raise from a chair (sit to stand) Tempo, weightbelt
  2 Deep squats (lower than 90 degrees kneeflexion) Weightbelt, Degrees of kneeflexion
  3 Lounges Weightbelt
Step up Leg strength, dynamic balance 1 Go up and down from a step, change legs Height of steps, tempo, Weightbelt. support
  2 Step up and one leg stance, go down Tempo, height of steps
Sideways step up Hip stability, dynamic balance, leg strength 1 Step up sideways on a step Height of the step, tempo, weightbelt
Upright row Posture, upper back strengthening 1 Row exercise with elastic bands Three different resistance levels on the elastic bands
Balance pad Balance, static and dynamic 1 Standing on balance pad, semitandem Open/closed eyes, turning head from one side to the other
  2 Standing on balance pad, tandem  
  3 One leg standing
Chest press Chest and arm strengthening 1 Chest press against the wall  
  2 Chest press against a bench
  3 Chest press resting on the knees on the floor
Hip raise Lower back strengthening 1 Lying on back with knees bent, raise hip  
  2 One leg hip raise
Diagonal lift   1 Standing on all four, lift left arm and right leg, alternate Choose either hip raise or diagonal lift
Biceps curl Upper arm strengthening 1 Seated armcurls with dumbbells Increase load of dumbbells (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 kg)