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Table 2 Mean axial strain in the iliolumbar ligament (ILL) fibres in different models during peak flexion load of 10 Nm

From: Mild (not severe) disc degeneration is implicated in the progression of bilateral L5 spondylolysis to spondylolisthesis

  Mean axial strain ILL fibres (± standard deviation)
Intact 5.91 (±1.87) %
Normal L5 Lytic 8.01 (±1.89)%
Mildly Degenerate L5 Lytic 11.25 (±1.91)%
Mildly Degenerate L5 Collapsed Lytic 1.91 (±0.91)%
Severely Degenerate L5 Collapsed Lytic 1.90 (±0.90)%
  1. The greatest increase in mean axial strain from the baseline Intact state was observed in the mildly degenerate L5 lytic model