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Table 1 List of questions for the semi-structured interview with patients

From: Self-care of chronic musculoskeletal pain – experiences and attitudes of patients and health care providers

Study questions

Asked questions

Self-care attitude

What do you thing about self-care and what is your attitude about pain self-care?

Self-care decision

In what cases you decide to practice pain self-care?

Please describe what influenced your decision to practice pain self-care

• regarding the length of the pain

• regarding the site and intensity of your pain

Self-care experiences

What do you expect from self-care?

How satisfied are you with the outcome/result of self-care?

Self-care methods

Please describe your experiences with different methods of pain self-care?

Self-care information source

In what way and from whom you got the information about pain self-care?

Family tradition in self-care

Please describe the impact of family tradition to your decision to practice pain self-care.