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Table 3 Physical activity, pain and function change scores

From: Change in physical activity level and clinical outcomes in older adults with knee pain: a secondary analysis from a randomised controlled trial

Change variable Mean score baseline to 3 months(SD) Mean score baseline to 6 months(SD)
Change in PASE 15.1 (87.4) 13.5 (86.9)
Change in WOMAC pain −1.6 (3.2) −2.1 (3.5)
Change in WOMAC function −4.5 (10.1) −6.4 (11.8)
  1. Footnote: Multiple imputed data (combined results from 25 imputed datasets); all change scores calculated by subtracting the score at baseline from the score at three or six month follow up; Higher change in PASE scores indicate higher physical activity at follow up compared to baseline; Negative change in WOMAC pain and function scores indicate reduced pain and higher function at follow-up compared to baseline
  2. Abbreviations: PASE  Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly, WOMAC Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index