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Table 1 Summary of Measures

From: Detecting functional change in response to exercise in knee osteoarthritis: a comparison of two computerized adaptive tests

Measure (N = items) Item Stem Response Options
OA-CAT Item Bank Functional difficulty
(N = 125)
Because of the arthritis in your legs, how much difficulty did you have on an average day, over the past month when….? • None
• A little
• A lot
• Did not do the activity because of the arthritis in his/her legs
• Did not do the activity for reasons other than the arthritis in his/her legs
PROMIS® CAT Item Bank v1.0 Physical Function
(N = 124)
Does your health now limit you in…? • Not at all
• Very little
• Somewhat
• Quite a lot
• Cannot do
Are you able to…? • Without any difficulty
• With a little difficulty
• With some difficulty
• With much difficulty
• Unable to do