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Table 2 Survey items on activities of daily living

From: Factors associated with the prevalence of back pain and work absence in shipyard workers

(1) Fixing hair
(2) Tying knots behind the back
(3) Opening and closing a sliding door
(4) Putting hand to mouth
(5) Raising hands above shoulders
(6) Grasping something with fingers
(7) Working with the neck bent
(8) Prolonged work in a standing posture
(9) Remaining in a half-sitting posture
(10) Repeatedly squatting and standing up
(11) Turning over while sleeping
(12) Standing up
(13) Washing face
(14) Maintaining a sitting posture for a long period (one hour or longer)
(15) Lifting a heavy load
(16) Walking 1 km or longer
(17) Going up or down stairs