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Table 2 Results of inter-reader agreement analysis, with ICC shown for each measurement

From: Multi-parametric muscle and fat correlation of computed tomography parameters to outcomes in a total hip arthroplasty population

Measurement ICC Value Measurement ICC Value
Ipsilateral Iliopsoas Mean (HU) 0.978 Ipsilateral Gluteal Mean (HU) 0.914
Ipsilateral Iliopsoas Area (cm2) 0.990 Ipsilateral Gluteal Area (cm2) 0.895
Ipsilateral Iliopsoas Diameter (mm) 0.989 Ipsilateral Gluteal Diameter (mm) 0.905
Ipsilateral Iliopsoas Perimeter (mm) 0.946 Ipsilateral Gluteal Perimeter (mm) 0.957
Contralateral Iliopsoas Mean (HU) 0.959 Contralateral Gluteal Mean (HU) 0.991
Contralateral Iliopsoas Area (cm2) 0.992 Contralateral Gluteal Area (cm2) 0.930
Contralateral Iliopsoas Diameter (mm) 0.990 Contralateral Gluteal Diameter (mm) 0.940
Contralateral Iliopsoas Perimeter (mm) 0.858 Contralateral Gluteal Perimeter (mm) 0.959
Iliopsoas Visceral Fat Area (cm2) 0.987 Gluteal Visceral Fat Area (cm2) 0.980
Iliopsoas Subcutaneous Fat Area (cm2) 0.965 Gluteal Subcutaneous Fat Area (cm2) 0.976
Iliopsoas Area Ratio 0.904 Gluteal Area Ratio 0.921
Iliopsoas Outer Circumference (mm) 0.9995 Gluteal Outer Circumference (mm) 0.9999