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Table 1 A total of 17 patients, presenting with a distal humeral fracture (AO-type 13 A-C), were recruited to this prospective randomized trial, either being treated with DePuy Synthes® VA-LCP or Medartis® Aptus Elbow plating systems. There were no statistically significant differences in patients` demographics or injury characteristics between the groups 

From: Polyaxial locking plates in treating distal humeral fractures: a comparative randomized trial for clinical outcome

Characteristics DePuy Synthes® VA-LCP Medartis® Aptus Elbow
Mean age (years) 81 76
Sex (male: female) 0:7 1:9
AO classification
 13-A 2 1
 13-B 0 0
 13-C 5 9