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Table 2 Detail of variables and times for evaluation of outcomes

From: In-home versus hospital preoperative balance and proprioceptive training in patients undergoing TKR; rationale, design, and method of a randomized controlled trial

Time point Enrolment BL BP AP AI 12 m
 Eligibility screen x      
 Informed consent x      
 Randomization x      
 Demographic and biomedical x      
 Self-reported functionality KOOS x x x x x
 Balance (overall) Berg Balance Scale x x x x x
 Function ROM (flexion) x x x x x
  ROM (extension) x x x x x
  Strength x x x x x
 Balance (dynamic) Timed Up & Go x x x x x
 (static) One-leg Stand x x   x x
 (stability) Functional Reach x x x x x
 Quality of Life EuroQoL x    x x
 Anxiety EuroQoL(5D) x x   x  
  Qaly      x
Patient expectations       
   x    x x
Interventions   BL BP AP AI 12 m
 Non-active comparator     x------x  
 In-hospital preoperative   x------x x------x  
 In-home preoperative   x------x x------x  
  1. BL Baseline, BP Before procedure, AP After procedure, AI After intervention, KOOS Knee Injury Osteoartritis Outcome Score, ROM Range of Movement in degrees, Qaly Quality adjusted life year