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Table 4 Requirement of weighted panoramic views

From: The acutely injured acromioclavicular joint – which imaging modalities should be used for accurate diagnosis? A systematic review

Authors Year of publication Study design/level of evidence Number of patients Classification Kind of imaging? Pro weighted or pro non-weighted? Justification
Bossart et al. [11] 1988 Diagnostic study/IV 83 Tossy Weighted vs. non-weighted bilateral comparative x-rays.
Pro non-weighted.
„use of weighted radiographs lacks efficacy in unmasking grade III AC sprains on radiograph “ [11]
Ibrahim et al. [12] 2015 Retrospective case series/IV 59 Rockwood Weighted vs. non-weighted bilateral comparative x-rays.
Pro weighted.
“value of bilateral weighted views is to ‘unmask’ a grade V injury“ [12]
Izadpanah et al. [13] 2013 Diagnostic study/IV 10 Rockwood Non-weighted x-ray vs. weighted x-ray and non-weighted mri vs. weighted mri
Pro weighted.
“application of stress (...) enables a partial rupture to be dis-tinguished from a complete ligamental rupture“ [13]