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Table 4 Questions about diet

From: “What say ye gout experts?” a content analysis of questions about gout posted on the social news website Reddit

Sub-categories Examples of questions
General dietary management “So I’ve finally decided to change my diet entirely…..I was just curious as to what my fellow gout sufferers eat on a daily basis so I can model a good diet for me to follow. What does everyone’s diet look like?”
Effectiveness of dietary management “Has anyone been able to reach a consistent UA level of < 5 for that period of time just with diet change alone? If so, any suggestions?”
Alcoholic beverage choices “My question for the people that STILL DO DRINK, do you have any regiments or rituals to live by? …….Do you strictly drink vodka and tart cherry juice cocktails??”
Weight loss strategies “I am still trying my hardest to lose weight but I need to completely reorganize my diet so I can have a calorie deficiency but also enough nutrients. Any suggestions would help a lot.”
“I was considering going back to a Ketogenic diet, and was considering intermittent fasting. Does anyone have any experience with IF and Keto for Gout?”
Advice about a specific dietary factor “I was wondering what people’s experiences were with beans and coffee.”