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Table 1 Measures included in the study at each time-point

From: A tailored counseling and home-based rehabilitation program to increase physical activity and improve mobility among community-dwelling older people after hospitalization: protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Intsrument Domains Time point
   Prior to hospital admission Baseline 3 months 6 months 12 months Ref.
Main outcome measures
 Physical activity Accelerometer 6 days   x x x  
Diary of physical activity 6 days   x x x  
Modified Grimby scale x x x x x [22, 23]
YPAS (standing/walking & lying down/sitting) x x x x x [45]
Unmet physical activity   x x x x [32]
 Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) Balance, 4 m walking, chair rising   x x x [25]
 Mobility disability Moving outdoors x x x x x [46]
Walking 500 m x x x x x [46]
Walking 2 km x x x x x [46]
Stair climbing x x x x x [46]
Lifting (10 kg) x x x x x [46]
 Self-rated mobility    x x x x  
Secondary outcomes
 Life-Space Mobility (LSA) Within home x x (modified) x x x [26]
Outdoor x x (modified) x x x [26]
Neighborhood x x (modified) x x x [26]
Town x x (modified) x x x [26]
Unlimited x x (modified) x x x [26]
 Impact on Autonomy & Participation (IPA), 41 items   x x x [27]
 Fear of falling (FES-I), 16 items    x x x x [28]
 History of falls    during preceding year during preceding 3 months during preceding 3 months during preceding 6 months  
 Depressive symptoms (CES-D), 20 items    x x x x [36]
Pain Presence of musculoskeletal pain   x x x x [38]
Pain Interference Subscale from the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI)   x x x x [29]
 Maximal isometric grip strength    x    x  
 Perceived environmental barriers PENBOM   x xa x x [31]
Home environment   x x x x [47]
 Perceived environmental facilitators PENFOM   x xa x x [31]
Exercise facilities   x xa x x  
Home environment   x x x x  
 Barriers to physical activity Barriers (BOPA)   x xa x x [30, 48]
Avoidance of moving outdoors   x xa x x [48]
Health, Cognition & demographics
 Health Status Chronic diseases, current diagnosis (needing hospital care), treatment   b     
 Medication    b x x x  
 Self-rated health    x x x x  
 Cognitive impairment Cognitive status (CERAD)   x [33, 34]
Executive functions (TMT-A & -B)   x x [35]
 Social contacts and socioeconomic status    x  
 Weight, height    x  
 Unintended weight loss    x x x x  
 Self-rated sensory functions Vision, hearing   x [49]
 Standard care & rehabilitation    x x x x [38]
 Use of social and health services    x x x x [38]
  1. aUsing Maptionnaire
  2. bconfirmed by a research nurse from medical records