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Table 1 Epidemiological data of the patients included in the study

From: Posterior shoulder dislocation with associated reverse Hill-Sachs lesion: treatment options and functional outcome after a 5-year follow up

Criteria Specification Total
Total number of patients Reverse Hill-Sachs lesion[n] 12
Age total [y (range)] 39 (17–55)
Gender male [n] 12 100%
female [n] 0 0%
Treatment Arthroscopic reduction and retrograde elevation [n] 5 42%
Open reduction antegrade cylindric graft [n] 4 33%
Iliac bone crest 3 25%
Cause of injury High energy trauma [n] 9 75%
Low energy trauma [n] 2 17%
Eplilepsy [n] 1 8%