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Table 3 Exclusion criteria of the SALT Osteoporosis Study

From: Design of the SALT Osteoporosis Study: a randomised pragmatic trial, to study a primary care screening and treatment program for the prevention of fractures in women aged 65 years or older

Exclusion criteria
Age ≥ 91 yearsa
Actual use of bone sparing drugsb
Use of bone sparing drugs during the preceding 5 years
Terminal illness
Not being able to participate in the study or no consent
Weight > 135 kgc
Corticosteroid use of ≥7.5 mg prednison equivalent per day
  1. aCalculation of FRAX (fracture risk assessment tool) is not possible for this age category
  2. bBisphosphonates, strontiumranelate, estrogens, selective estrogen receptor modulators, parathyroid hormone analogues or denosumab. If new bone sparing drugs will become available during the trial, they were added to the exclusion list
  3. cMaximum weight for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry measurement