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Table 2 Overview of complications related to the subpectoral tenodesis in both over and under 65 years

From: Open subpectoral biceps tenodesis in patients over 65 does not result in an increased rate of complications

  Over 65 yrs Under 65 yrs  
Patients 23 314  
Complications related to the tenodesis n.2 (8.7%) LHB tendonitis n.1 (4.3%) n.17 (5.4%) hematoma, granuloma, infection, rupture, pain over the tenodesis n.17 (5.4%)
LHB rupture n.1 (4.3%)   
Complications not related to the tenodesis n.3 (13%) Adhesive capsulitis n.2 (8.7%) n.98 (31.2%) Persistent pain n.38 (12.1%)
Wound infection n.1 (4.3%) adhesive capsulitis, weakness, failure n.48 (15.3%)
   tingling, post traumatic fracture n.12 (3.8%)