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Table 1 Measurement of domains and data collection time points for questionnaire data. (* Clinical assessments will be conducted in a sub-sample of participants at baseline with follow-up assessments at Year 3 for all participants and incident KP cases recruited at Year 1 and Year 3)

From: Knee pain and related health in the community study (KPIC): a cohort study protocol

Section Domains Questions & Instruments Included Baseline 1 year 3 years
Demographic & Occupation Data Date of birth, Gender, Height & Weight & list of main occupations (duration and whether it was part time or full time)  
Medical & Medication
Diagnosis of any comorbidities such as diabetes, stroke, fibromyalgia.
Trauma or significant injury to the lower limbs.
All current medication including supplements and alternative medications.
Knee Pain Knee Pain presence, diagnosis of knee OA, any surgical interventions, any treatments for knee pain,
ICOAP (Intermittent and Constant OA Pain)
Pain Detect Questionnaire
Knee Alignment Current and Constitutional alignment using line drawings   
Hands 2D4D ratio; OA nodes; family history of OA nodes and knee or hip joint replacement   
Body Pain Body Pain Mannequin for current body pain
Quality of Pain (severity)
Psychosocial Factors Hospital Anxiety & Depression Score
Sleep scale from Medical Outcomes Survey (from Year 1)
Conscientiousness Test (from Year 1)
Fibromyalgia Mannequin (from Year 1)
Life Orientation Test (LOT) (from Year 1)
Quality of Life SF – 12
Illness Attitude Scale
Pain Catastrophising Scale
Clinical Assessments*
Blood & Urine Sample Collection Fasting Biomarker Sample collection  
Quantitative Sensory Testing    
Radiographs Bilateral radiographs consisting of PA view of the tibiofemoral compartment and skyline view of the patellofemoral compartment using a Rosen template (standardised views).  
Gait Assessment Gaitrite and RS Scan for walking speed, cadence, step length, step width and static and dynamic balance  
Muscle Strength JAMAR hand dynomometer & Nicholas Muscle Testers for hand grip strength and quadriceps/ hip abductor strength respectively.