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Table 2 Results of previous studies

From: Risk factors for failure of revision total hip arthroplasty using a Kerboull-type acetabular reinforcement device

Authors Type of graft Cases Bone defect classification Mean f/u duration Survival rate (loosening endpoint)
McNamara et al. [13] allograft and hydroxyapatite 37 AAOS I-III 56.9m 95%
Oonishi et al. [14] hydroxyapatite 40 AAOS I-II 4-10y 93%
Schwartz et al. [15] biphasic calcium phosphate ceramics 29 Data not specified more than 6m 100%
Blom et al. [16] allograft and tricalcium phosphate-hydroxyapatite 43 Data not specified 24m 98%