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Table 2 Timeline for scheduled procedures and assessments

From: Prospective comparison of the anterior and lateral approach in hemiarthroplasty for hip fractures: a study protocol

Procedure/Assessment Admission In-hospital treatment phase 6 weeks after surgerya 3 months after surgerya 12 months after surgerya
Baseline measurements X     
Physical examination X X X X X
X-ray assessment X     
Katz ADL X   X X X
EQ-5D X   X X X
6CIT X   X X X
SNAQ X     
VAS pain   X X X X
Complication a registration   X X X X
Mobility tests b    X X X
  1. aAny patient reported complication in the previously described surgical and non-surgical complication list and any reason for a postoperative readmission to a hospital