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Table 1 Treatment protocols for pertrochanteric and subtrochanteric fractures in the two treatment groups

From: Comparison and analysis of reoperations in two different treatment protocols for trochanteric hip fractures – postoperative technical complications with dynamic hip screw, intramedullary nail and Medoff sliding plate

Fracture type Fixation method
Treatment protocol: MSP/DHSa Treatment protocol: IMN/DHSb
  Stable - 2 fragmentsc DHS  
Unstable - 3 or more fragmentsc MSP biaxial  
Unstable - no lateral and/or no posterior supportc MSP uniaxial (locked)  
Stabled   DHS
Intertrochanteric comminution and/or subtrochanteric extensiond   IMN
Subtrochanteric MSP uniaxial (locked) IMN
  Fracture extension below >2 of IMN or  
MSP plate screwse long DHS  
  1. aMedoff sliding plate (MSP) / dynamic hip screw (DHS)
  2. bIntramedullary nail (IMN) / dynamic hip screw (DHS)
  3. cChoice of treatment based on Jensen Michaelsen and Seinsheimer classifications including analysis of lateral and posterior support
  4. dChoice of treatment based on intertrochanteric fracture comminution or subtrochanteric fracture extension
  5. eApproximately 10 cm below the lesser trochanter