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Table 2 Participant characteristics (sorted by age)

From: “Take me seriously and do something!” - a qualitative study exploring patients’ perceptions and expectations of an upcoming orthopaedic consultation

Gender Age Profession Education Pain location on referral
Man 33 Blue collar High school Knee
Woman 35 Assistant nurse High school Thoracic back
Woman 47 Baker High school Shoulder
Woman 49 Office worker High school Neck
Woman 50 Shop assistant 2-year high school Arm/hand
Woman 50 Postman 2-year High school Neck
Woman 51 IT, white collar High school Knee
Woman 52 Orderly Elementary Knee
Woman 55 Assistant nurse High school Knee
Woman 57 Nurse University Foot
Man 59 Truck driver Elementary Hip
Man 62 Blue collar High school Knee
Woman 63 Teacher University Knee