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Table 1 Characteristics of patients included in this study

From: 3D printing–assisted preoperative plan of pedicle screw placement for middle-upper thoracic trauma: a cohort study

NO Gender Site of injury and AO classification Time of surgery (days after injury) Accompanied injuries Fixed pedicle segments
1 M T5, type A3 3 SAH,TWL T3-T7
2 M T4/5, type B1 6 SAH,TWL, Stable pelvic fracture, Hematuria T3-T6
3 M T2/3, type B1 10 Brain bruise, Cranio-facial bones fractures, Sternum and rib fracture, Hemopneumothorax, Renal bruise, Tibiofibula fracture T1-T4
4 M T3/4, type B2 7 Subdural hemorrhage, Skull fracture, Clavicle fracture, Hemopneumothorax, Liver bruise T2-T5
5 M T4/5, type C2 2 Cranio-facial bones fractures, Rib fracture, Hemothorax T3-T7
6 F T7/8, type C2 3 Concussion, Cranio-facial bones fractures, Liver and renal bruise T5-T10
7 F T7, type C2 5 Partially stable pelvic fracture, Renal bruise, Calcaneal fracture T5-T9
  1. SAH Subarachnoid hemorrhage; TWL Traumatic wet lung;